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What flowers are in season?

With shipments from all over the world, most flowers are in season. There are a few exceptions. Give us a call and we can verify. (507)-281-2496

How do I take care of fresh floral arrangements?

Check the water level immediately upon arrival. Add Luke warm water as needed. If flowers are in floral foam-always keep saturated.

How long should my roses last?

We usually say 4-5 days but could be longer depending on the freshness.

How do I dry my roses?

First remove flowers from water. Take excess leaves off of stems, rubber band at base together. Hang upside down from rubber banded end in a well ventilated room away from sunlight.

What to do with wrapped fresh cut flowers?

Give the flower stem a fresh cut with shears or knife at an angle. This helps the stem drink water. Immediately place in a vase with Luke warm water with floral preservative. Be cool-place in a cool location and always away from direct sunlight.

How often should I water my house plants?

Check soil with your finger 1 inch deep for dryness. Also by lifting the plant up-light weight (it is dry and needs water). Just make sure your pot has drainage and the plant is not sitting in water as it will cause root rot.

Fungus gnats!

Tiny bugs flying around my plant. They are a nuisance but won't harm your plant. They thrive in moist conditions so cut the moisture back. If that doesn't work apply a systemic granule insecticide to your soil.